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International customers, Paypal/USPS requires you include your phone number during the payment process. We won't be able to ship your order without it. Thanks.





On International Shipping

When we first launched, we didn't have any idea if word of our little product would reach an international audience, but it certainly did. Thanks so much for your interest!

How much does international shipping cost?

We strongly encourage international DS Buttons fans to pool their orders - the shipping cost for 1-10 sets is the same!

Canada $5.50
Mexico $6.50
Europe $7.50
Australia, New Zealand $8.50
Asia, South America $7.50

If you're not sure about how much it will cost to ship DS Buttons to your country, email us at and we'll help you out.

Why does international shipping cost more?

As a small shop, we are currently doing everything from customer support to fulfillment ourselves. We chose the best technologies to enable us to run this project efficiently and chose Paypal as our shipping provider.

We are fortunate that Paypal supports international shipping, but it means that we're at their mercy when it comes to what international shipping methods they support and the related cost. The cheapest international shipping method they support is USPS Global Priority mail, which ends up being more expensive than we wish it was for people wanting a single set sent overseas. This is why we're suggesting that international DS Buttons fans pool their orders - it'll help keep shipping costs per set somewhat reasonable.